• Full range of plumbing services

    Abbotswood can handle all your plumbing jobs

Plumbing services

Our plumbing engineers cover a variety of work from fixing leaks and pipes to installing new showers. If you have have a larger project such as a plumbing systems, water treatment equipment or a water pipping system our plumbers will be able to do this. We offer an efficient and knowledgeable service, your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Fixing Leaks & Pipes

All of our plumbers have the expertise to fix any type of leak from an expired tap washer to a faulty shower valve. If you have an emergency with a leak we can be there to help you out.

Installing New Showers, Baths, Kitchen Sinks & Taps

We can help you create a new look for your bathroom or kitchen and take great care in detail by ensuring all work is carried to your satisfaction. A change in taps to update your bathroom can be carried out. We also can tile and lay flooring to complement your new room.

Fitting, Repairing and Maintaining Dishwashers & Washing Machines

Our plumbers can repair or maintain your domestic appliances. If you decide you need to purchase a new one we can instal and plumb it for you. We have access to many well known appliances and are only too happy to help you chose the right one.

Underfloor Heating & Radiators

Underfloor heating can be more efficient method of heating a room than other conventional radiators and having warm floors in the morning. We will be able to advise you on the right type and size of the installation.

Heating systems and radiators can be complex and problems can arise when there is too much air in the system. Our plumbers have the skills to rectify any problem and will always ensure all work is carried with minimum disruption to you.

Gas Safety Inspection & Testing

Boilers need to inspected and certified at least once a year to ensure it is running properly. Our plumbers are all Gas Safe registered and can service your boiler. We can issue Energy performance certificates, trace & repair gas leaks, repair plumbing, install gas appliances, turn on gas meters and other services.